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Altitude at Goal!!!   


World's First

Active Airfoil Armwear

XUCTU is a wearable device invented for paragliding pilots competing in major races around the world when the stats must be optimized. Our design will reduce the drag of the pilot's arm by nearly the entire amount. This is especially safe when compared to the Coffin style used by pilots when racing to the finish line at low altitude.

This has been achieved after hours of  3D tailored designing and CFD+Prototype testing by  experienced pilots.


XUCTU helps you dash to the destination whilst maintaining a higher altitude.


  • Lightweight material less than 250 grams

  • Does not obstruct vision

  • SCS- Smart Connection Set

  • ST- Suction Tech

How it works

How it work

XUCTU is designed to be worn independently and uses the Speedbar connection system. During normal takeoffs and flight, the XUCTU acts as a solar and weather protection . It is when the pilot applies the speed system that the XUCTU will create the aerodynamic shape thereby increasing the glide performance.


The Connection Set (2) has been designed to connect the XUCTU (1) to your Harness and Speedbar.

We have also designed a model XT-Speedbar to be fully compatible with the XUCTU system and most types of harness.


patent pending




* Image may differ slightly from the actual product.


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