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Dù En B có thể bay được PG và PPG, trike, Shark nose dải cân 110-472kg
Efficiency in climb and glide

The Condor has a moderate aspect ratio with a high performance profile. Climbing is efficient even at high wing loadings, and thus the wing works well with a wide range of trike and motor units. Thanks to the profile and long 11cm trimmers, the speed range is wide and the glide performance good. Overall, the evidence of this efficiency is revealed by the favourable fuel consumption figures.

Effortless take off and landing

The Condor is easy to manage on the ground and inflates smoothly and evenly in all flyable conditions. And because the Condor profile produces a lot of lift at low airspeeds, you’ll get airborne quickly with just a short take-off run.

Wide weight range

The Condor has a wide weight range which makes it suitable for trike use, in addition to foot launched PPG. The 2 available sizes cover a weight range of 110-450kg.

Optimized airfoil with Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) for stability, handling and performance
Thinner profile improves take-off and reduces material weight
Clamp cleat system to lock big ears in place
Long trimmers (11cm) enable greater penetration, for example in strong valley winds. The slightly negative and large positive trimmers allows you to adjust the speed over the whole weight range.
25mm Techni Sangles riser
Supplied with XXL rucksack

GIN Condor-tandem- PPG En-B

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