XT speedbar.png

New concept

Adjustable- Autolock - lightweight

The XT Speedbar is a completely new idea in the use and tuning of the accelerator bar. The Speedbar will make it extremely easy for the pilots to adjust each steps according to the desired foot.

XT Speedbar is designed for installation with XUCTU.

  • XT Speedbar is easy to use and convenient.

  • Suitable for all Pod harness on the market.

  • Light weight, Less than  50 grams


patent registered

SC 1202006361


How it works

XT Speedbar installs like normal one in the straight position. The footstep can be changed to "Bullet style" in the first setup .

The distance between the footbar could be simply adjusts by loosening the dyneema, gently pulling the end tab to the desired position, then gently press the footbars in the direction of use will automatically lock.





Design parameters