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Back2Fly began designing and  modification products on its own very early in 2009. The first of many projects was to design a pod harness that could be retrofit to the Firebird Rhino harness. This harness was used by the author whilst following competition and gliding seasons in Australia for the period 2009-2011 with comfortable 5-6h flights.


With an architect's knowledge and a passion for technology, Back2fly has brought  into his favorite sport to create accessories for higher performance and safety in paragliding.


Back2Fly's products have been distributed worldwide and positively discussed on many articles in Germany, France and Spain. BL Limitied Edition's representative products:

- Ozone Exoceat Fairing Tail

- Kanibal Race II Fairing tail

- Xuctu Speed ​​Arm.

- Xtream lightweight Speedbar


There is more to come...

Xuctulogo white.png
BL limitedition.png
XT speedbar.png
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