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Great just got even better

The Fuse 3 is a tandem paraglider for professionals who demand maximum efficiency, reliability and also flying pleasure.

The Fuse 2 was our most successful tandem ever, and the Fuse 3 builds on this platform. Notable improvements are an enhanced big ears control system and even more durable fabric yet in a lighter package:

  • innovative big ears system makes it much easier to hold and release or even control with brakes
  • exclusive new fabric developed by GIN and Myungjin offers outstanding durability with light weight
  • easy inflation and smoother take-off
  • minimal shooting in strong conditions
  • precise and well co-ordinated turn with super light brake pressure
  • first class “thermal sniffing” ability
  • great energy retention with trim off, or super-soft, progressive braking with trim neutral
  • improved real world performance in weak and strong conditions alike
  • more durable yet lighter canopy fabric
  • “Trim neutral” position indicator on risers
  • replaceable trimmer webbing

As with the Fuse 2, the trim settings and wide weight range offer versatility for light pilots and passengers. The wing can also be flown solo.

Gin Tandem Fuse3

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